Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Would You Like To Be Our Exclusive Reviewer for STAY GLOSS Lipgloss?

Morning Girls!!

How has your week been?

Its Wednesday, and the weekend is just a stone throw away! * YEAY *

And to fuel the adrenaline rush for the mid week, we would like to share this good news with you, that we are looking for exclusive cosmetic reviewer for our LATEST PRODUCT - the Rimmel London STAY GLOSS Lipgloss!! If you haven't read about it already, refer to this post.

Here is how it goes:

We are looking to give out 3 of our latest Rimmel London STAY GLOSS lip gloss for reviewing.

Please leave a message on your FB wall / FB notes / Blog, convincing us in a creative way WHY we should chose you to be the ONE! (It would be great if you add in photos!!!)

If you are using your FB page, please join us as our Group Member first! Search for us at @rimmellondonmalaysia

Tag us back @rimmellondonmalaysia if you are doing it on FB, or leave a link on our FB wall if you are doing it on a blog.

Deadline for submission 3pm, Friday, 2.07.10 - Malaysia Time.

Successful candidates will be requested to share their review / experience on either blog or FB note entry with photos.


  • Open to FB group members of Rimmel London Malaysia, residing in Malaysia only. (Join us now!!)

  • Successful candidate will have to collect the product from our office located in Subang Jaya.

Have a beautiful day and hope to hear from you soon!!~~


Monday, June 28, 2010


Girls!! Attention please!! Here is something we have that will definitely help you in creating that ultra-sensual-show-stopping unique Rimmel London Look for the search!!!

Check out our LATEST galaxy product - The Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lipgloss!!!

Here is the official announcement:

Forget everything your mother told you about pouting not getting you attention. The right pout will always get you noticed. Introducing Stay Glossy, Rimmel London’s most dazzling and glamorous lipgloss to date! Shape your lips to pouty new perfection. Prepare to be the centre of attention thanks to the sensational glossy shine!

Style. Shape. Shine. Stay Glossy delivers on all three with a fantastic new formula and applicator combo, custom-designed for fabulously luscious lips that last, and last, and last.

As all girls know, style is crucial, Stay Glossy’s cutting-edge Shine Extend technology will give you runway lips and up to 6 hours of wow-worthy colour. With style taken care of, get ready to shine all day with the pampering blend of silk and cotton that will leave your lips smooth and supple! So with double the moisture and vibrant colour, you’re all decked out and ready to party!

Ensuring your gloss goes just where you want it and nowhere else is Rimmel's innovative Soft Extend applicator, whose cotton-soft, contoured design is geared to maximum speed and accuracy. Hugging your lips, it defines their every curve, shaping them to full, fabulous dimensions. They've never looked this feminine. Forget spills. With Stay Glossy, it's thrills all the way.

For lips with come-and-get-me glamour, look out for the luxe Stay Glossy pack with its curvaceous metallic silver cap decorated with the Rimmel crown logo. Stay Glossy comes in 8 covetable colours from pert pinks to brazen beiges, rich reds to lush purples.

Get a glossy upgrade with Stay Glossy lipgloss from Rimmel. Up to six hours of non-stop shine, shape and style. Live the London look.

Quick Facts

New Stay Glossy Lipgloss features advanced Shine Extend™ technology for up to six hours of fabulously polished perfection. Its lip-loving formula pampers lips with a caring complex of cotton and silk for increased lips moisturisation.

The innovative Soft Extend™ applicator is designed for ultimate speed and accuracy, defining your dream lips in a flash. Style! Shape! Shine!

Available in 8 vibrant shades, at the recommended retail price of RM 27.90

Available starting July 2010, at all Watson’s Personal Care Store, Guardian Pharmacy, Aeon Wellness, Parkson (Pavilion, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Klang Parade, Gurney Plaza, Terminal One Shopping Plaza, Square One Shopping Mall)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Introducing The Penang Semi-finalists of The Rimmel London Look Search

Following the introduction of the KL semi-finalists of our Rimmel London Look search, today, we are very excited to introduce our 3 semi-finalists from PENANG!!!

However, before we unveil their faces, here are some interesting photos taken during the pre-selection round which happened on 19 June at Queensbay Mall, for your viewing pleasure.

Contestants having their make-up done by Rimmel London and wardrobe by the fashion apparel brands

Judges who were waiting eagerly to be impressed by the contestants.

The contestants were all very vibrant, confident, have great smiles, and a unique look, where some were...

...petite and cute, like the "best-friend's-younger-sister"...

....slander and sassy, like the "girl-next-door"...

....while some were mature and attractive, like the "man's goddess"

The contestants also put their best front forward to present a variety of performances, including:


...street dancing...

....ballroom dancing....


...and even martial arts - karate-ing!!

At the end of the day, these three lasses emerged as the semi-finalists representing the Penang state at the semi-finals of our Rimmel London Look Search.

(L-R) Tan Suat Fen, Yaya Khoo, and Ong Shuen Yen.

Yaya Khoo is also the Penang state winner for the search. Congratulations Yaya!

Now that you know who bagged the semi-finalists seats in Penang, in our next post, we will be introducing our semi-finalists from IPOH!!!!

Till then, take care of each other and yourself!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rimmel London Look Search Semi Finalist #3 - Angel Foong Dawn Si

Good Tuesday morning pretties!!!

Once again, we are here today to speak to our last KL Semi-finalist of the Rimmel London Search, i.e. the cute 16 years old, Angel Foong Dawn Si of SMK Taman Seraya!

Angel, or more fondly known by her friends as Xiao Si, loves singing and experimenting with make-up. Here is what she has to share about herself as well as her experience participating in this search.

(RL – Rimmel London / AG – Angel)

RL – What the name of your contesting look?

AG – It’s called ‘The Individualistic Girl’

RL – What inspired your look?

AG – I draw inspiration from the elegant style of the Rimmel London brand personality.

RL – What does being a Rimmel London girl mean to you?

AG – Personally, I feel that a Rimmel London girl must have her own principles and opinions, and will stand firmly for her rights.

RL – Why do you think you should win in the search?

AG – I think it is because of I have a very unique individualistic style and high level of confidence.

RL – Which is your favourite Rimmel London product, and why?

AG – I love the colour rush quad eye shadow, because the colours are very attractive and complimentary to my skin tone.

Now that you have heard from Angel, and if you would like to support her to win in the Rimmel London Look search, then stay tuned to this blog page, as we will be revealing the mechanics for voting very soon!

Next up, we will be introducing the 3 semi-finalists from Penang!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rimmel London Look Search Semi Finalist #2 - Pauline Ek

Good morning girls and boys!

As promised, here is our follow-up interview piece with our second contestant of the Rimmel London Look Search, Pauline Ek.

Pauline, a 21 years old student of Inti College has a very sweet face, and also a very extroverted and bubbly character, almost like a perfect mixed between the girl-next-door and the guy’s best friend!!

Too good to be true? Well check out what this hiking-lover, travel-junkie, dancing and singing enthusiast has to say about participating in the search, and also some photos of her competing look –

(RL – Rimmel London / PE – Pauline Ek)

RL - What is the name for your competing look?

PE – I name it “Mature Temptation

RL – What inspired you to create this look for the contest?

PE – I want to bring out the other side of me, a less prominent but existing personality in me. In normal everyday life, I would see myself as a plain Jane, or the girl-next-door, and therefore, through this search, I would like to showcase my wilder and more mature side. Hence, I have chosen a leopard top to complement my unique Rimmel London look make-up.

RL – What does being a Rimmel London girl mean to you?

PE - Rimmel London girl needs to have the confidence.

RL – Tell us, why do you think you should win in the “Rimmel London Look” Search?

PE - Because I’m special. I have different characteristics, I am sweet, cute, yet wild and mature. This is also further proven by what my friends say about me. So, I believe with my personalities, I will help create more awareness for Rimmel London.

RL – What are the Rimmel London products you have used to create your look, and why?

PE - I have chosen the Rimmel London's Stay Matte foundation, Blusher, Mascara, Eye-liner, eye shadow with black and grey colour, and the lipstick for my look.

As I know, the foundation is the natural Shine-Control Complex combine with natural materials which keeps my skin shine-free, flawlessly fresh and matte.

The blusher will give my skin a healthier shine, and the mascara can gel my natural and fake lashes together naturally.

Lastly, I apply a little bit of the red lipstick as a base and mixed some pink for a wilder natural effect.

Here is what Pauline has to say, and if you would like to know how you can support her to win in this Rimmel London Look Search, stay tuned to this blog page as we will unveil the mechanics / information very soon!

Have an awesome weekend ahead!

P/S: In our next article, we will be speaking to 16-year-old Angel Foong from SMK Taman Seraya.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rimmel London Look Search Semi Finalist #1 - Collins Tin Ye Shin

Hello ladies! Hope your weekend has been an exciting and colourful one, as what our semi-finalists (KL region) have while they experimented with the mix and match of Rimmel London products to create that winning Rimmel London look.

Even when the ladies were hard at work, they were very nice to speak to us and briefly shared on their experience participating in this search, as well as give us a sneak peak of their winning look.

First up today, we have Collins Tin Ye Shin, who has a sharp fashion sense, developed and nurtured through her main hobby - reading fashion and lifestyle magazines.

(RL - Rimmel London / CO - Collins)

RL: Morning Collins. May we know if you have a name for this make up look?
CO: The name of my look is called the 'Unique Look'.

RL: Where did you draw your inspiration for your make up?
CO: I drew my inspirations from my favourite fashion magazines for the latest trends, and also utilize the make-up techniques shown in the eye make-up tutorials on the Rimmel London website.

RL: What does being a Rimmel London girl mean to you?
CO: Personally, I feel that being a Rimmel London girl means you will need to have sharp facial features that are complementary, and give you an outstanding appearance.

RL: Could you please tell us, what would you tell the judges to convince them why you should be crowned in the Rimmel London Look Search?
CO: I think I should win in the search because I do have a high level of confidence, sharp facial features, and an outstanding appearance / look.

RL: Lastly, could you please share with us which is your favourite Rimmel London product?
CO: I totally loved the eye-shadow range of make-up as the colours are so fun to mix and match with, and they also have the sweet and sexy effects on my eyes.

There you go ladies and gentlemen, Collins, one of our KL Semi-finalists for the Rimmel London Look Search. If you'd like to support her in the Rimmel London look search, watch out for this space to find out how you can vote for her!!

In our next entry, we will be speaking to Pauline Ek. So stay tuned!~~~

Friday, June 11, 2010

Introducing the KL Semi-Finalists of the Rimmel London Look Search

The first pre-selection round for the Rimmel London Look Search in KL was held last month, where our girls danced, sang, and magic-ed their way through to impress the judges and audience.

And since we are still all feeling curiously excited to know who will emerge and win in the Rimmel London Look Search before the Finals, let us do a proper introduction for our first three semi-finalists from KL. Who knows, one of them might just win the Rimmel London Look Search!

KL Semi-Finalist #1

Pauline Ek, Age 21, Student of Inti College

Pauline's photo shot during the audition of the Rimmel London Look Search

After a make-over by Rimmel London during the Pre-Selection round

Pauline gave an intriguing introduction of herself

Check out her kungfu performance that won the judges' heart!

Pauline is also the overall winner for the KL Pre-Selection round! :) CONGRATS!

KL Semi-Finalist #2

Collins Ten Ye Shin, Age 20, Student of University Putra Malaysia

Collins's winning shot taken during the audition of the Rimmel London Look Search

Collins showing off her make-over by Rimmel London during the Pre-Selection round

Collins convinced the audience why she should win in the search

And she entertained the audience with her magic trick! How cute!

KL Semi-Finalist #3

Angel Foong Dawn Xi, Age 16, Student of SMK Taman Seraya

Angel looking sweet and innocent during the Rimmel London Look Search audition

After her make-over by Rimmel London

Angel gave a friendly introduction about herself

She totally melted the judges' heart with her angelic voice when she sang!

So, who do you think will win the Rimmel London Look Search?

We will also be talking to these girls about their unqiue Rimmel London Look in the next few posts, so stay tuned!

At the meantime, if you are from Penang, remember to catch the Penang girls work their way to be one of the Rimmel London Look Search semi-finalist at 2pm on 19th June, Saturday at Queensbay Mall!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Urban Queen eye make-up tutorial

Hey girls! In this tutorial, we will help you get the Urban Queen eyes with this unique eyeshadow palette from Rimmel London, that has the warm and cold hues tol accentuate your eyes. This eye make-up will brighten up any assemble!

Step 1: Apply the blue eyeshadow onto your upper and lower lash line. Eyeshadow is a great alternative to eyeliner. You can brighten your eyes in a flash using different colored eyeshadow to line your lash line.

Step 2: Apply the peach colored eyeshadow evenly on your eyelid. Blend to even out the harsh edges and to ensure that colour coverage is even.
Step 3: Use the brown eyeshadow to highlight your brow bone. This will give your eyes more depth, a great use of colour to add more definition to your eyes.
Step 4: Once you are satisfied with your look, apply the gold eyeshadow on your brow bone and to the inner corners of your eyes. This will make your eye shine, appear larger and look more polished.

The result is beautiful bold eyes with a unique color combination. This great show stopping look will catch the eye of the judges and make you stand out from the rest of the contestants during the Rimmel London Look search.

Be the next Rimmel London Look search winner and shine on the catwalk with Rimmel London products. Come on girls, practice and experiment! Achieve that perfect show stopping look that will wow the judges and crowd. Good Luck girls!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet Smoulder eye make-up tutorial

Hey girls! I am sure everyone is nervously awaiting the arrivals of the semi-finals! Don't worry these tutorial will steer you in the right direction and provide you with first hand knowledge on how to achieve the Sweet Smolder eye make-up look in just a few easy steps.

This eyeshadow palette will be able to give you sweet and sexy eyes. The unique colour combination will give you show stopping eyes when your on stage battling it out on the catwalk during the Rimmel London Look search!

Step one: Use a clean eyeshadow brush and apply the pinkish pearl eyeshadow onto your eyelids. Apply as much as you want and make sure that colour coverage is even.
Step 2: Using a smaller eyeshadow brush apply the sliver eyeshadow onto your inner corners of your eyes and blend outwards. This will give your eyes a shimmering effect.
Step 3: Once you are satisfied, apply the black eyeshadow on to your lash line. Black eyeshadow is also a good alternative for eyeliner. It gives you the same effect and you can also control how dark you want it to be.

Step 4: After that, use the gold eyeshadow to highlight your brow bone to give your eyes a more polished look. This step finishes the whole look.
The final result is candy colored eyes that are bold and dramatic at the same time. A great way to attract the judges and score points at the Rimmel London Look search.
Remember girls, this is a guide line for you to achieve your perfect unique look. Experiment and have fun! Make-up is all about reinventing yourself. Find your own personal look with Rimmel London products and stand out from the crowd during the Rimmel London Look search!