Monday, March 29, 2010

Rimmel London in Search for the Definitive London Look - RM1, 000 worth of Cash and Prizes to Be Won!

Kuala Lumpur, Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rimmel London, UK’s best selling cosmetic brand which has established an eclectic touch in Malaysia since 2008, is now organising its “Rimmel London Look Search” for the most inspirational and definitive look that identifies with the brand’s London connections, with RM1000 in cash and prizes to be won!

Held in conjunction with the 2010 Spotlite Teen Idol Competition as a subsidiary award, the Rimmel London’s team will be going on a two-month quest to various Colleges and Malls in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, and Johor Bahru to search for potential candidates. Meanwhile, the team will also be available in selected venues to provide make-up tips, product consultation, sampling opportunities, and attractive but limited door-gifts to participants.

Once the 12 female semi finalists are short listed for the Teen Idol Competition, each of them will have to submit a photo of her definitive ‘London Look’, created using Rimmel London products, to Teen Idol official website for public voting. The amount of votes received will translate into 40% of her total score, and the other 60% will be in the hands of the panel judges to decide on the Grand Prize winner at the Teen Idol Grand Final on July 31, 2010.

Grand prize winner of the “Rimmel London Look Search” will bring home RM500 cash and RM500 worth of Rimmel London hamper, while the other contestants will be sharing a total of RM5, 000 worth of Rimmel London products.

Brand Manager of Star Asia Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Miss Aster Tan expressed great excitement about the search and shared some insights about the winning personalities. “Rimmel London is a brand with a longstanding history, but still very much at the cutting edge, simply because it has a tradition of breaking all rules. The brand of beauty that Rimmel has created, inspired by London’s unique street style, is witty, edgy and streetwise, different from what emerge from Milan, Paris, and New York.

“Therefore, the winner we are looking for must be innovative and experimental with our product to create that trend-setting and self-expressive look. She has to be inspirational yet accessible, possesses a highly individual style and a sense of quirky glamour based on a no-set-rules beauty philosophy.

“Ultimately, it is about having fun creating the various edgy looks using Rimmel’s galaxy range of colourful, contemporary, high-quality products designed do just that.”

The recruitment drive for “Rimmel London Look Search” will kick-start in conjunction with 2010 Spotlite Teen Idol first road show at HELP University College on April 6, from 11am – 3pm.

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Remember, Live the London Look!