Monday, August 2, 2010

The Definitive Rimmel London Look Is Born!

The news is out!

The fabulous 18 year old, Ong Sheue Yen of Penang was chosen as the winner of the Rimmel London Look Search!

The Rimmel London Look Search was presented by Rimmel London, UK’s best selling cosmetic brand that has established an eclectic touch in Malaysia since 2008. The search was held in conjunction with the 2010 Spotlite Teen Idol Competition as a subsidiary award.

After an extensive 4-month quest to selected Colleges and Malls in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, and Johor Bahru, Sheue Yen impressed the judges and audiences with her unique style, charisma and confidence that identified with Rimmel London’s philosophy of edgy and versatile street-wise beauty, and emerged as the winner for the search.

If you weren't there to witness the winner of the Rimmel London Look Search last Saturday at Fiesta Street, Sungei Wang, you just missed out on a ton of action. The boys of Spotlite Teen Idol search were showing off their stuff but more importantly the girls was shining through with their fabulous make-up, amazing talents and sparkling personalities.

The boys and girls of 2010 Spotlite Teen Idol busting out their moves. There was plenty of singing and dancing going on but the highlight of the show was a one of a kind catwalk that allowed contestants to strut their stuff in get-ups that fitted their future ambitions.

The girls in their cute outfits, dressed up according to their possible future careers. As you can see, the girls put a lot of effort into making their costumes as authentic as possbile.

The Rimmel London Look winner, Sheue Yen in her bride costume.

Sheue Yen giving her introduction speech.

Sheue Yen was ecstatic and at the verge of tears when she received her beauty title and prizes from the Brand Manager of Star Asia Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Miss Aster Tan, where she expressed with great excitement that her win was "unbelievable" yet at the same time "a dream come true".

After the show, we managed to get a quick word with Shueue Yen about how she felt.
“It was fun to know that I have all the freedom to create my personal style of beauty and glamour with no-set-rules in this contest”, said Sheue Yen as she brought home attractive prizes including RM500 cash and RM500 worth of Rimmel London hamper.

Brand Manager of Star Asia Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Miss Aster Tan shared, "Rimmel London is a brand with a longstanding history, but still very much at the cutting edge simply because it has a tradition of breaking all the rules. Therefore, we were very impressed by Shueu Yen as she has been very innovative and experimental in creating that self-expressive look. She is confident about her highly individual style."

“Lastly, we are very excited to know that all the contestants have had fun creating their various edgy looks using our products.”

For now, we'd like to thank you, the readers, for your endless support for Rimmel London and also for the Rimmel London Look Search. If you want more exciting updates about Rimmel London and its future activities in Malaysia, join us on our FB account -