Monday, May 31, 2010

Modern Glam eye make-up tutorial

In this week's eye makeup tutorial we will be using this lovely pastel eyeshadow palette to recreate the Modern Glam look. The sweet colours featured on this eyeshadow palette, will help accentuate your eyes and bring out the superstar in you.

Step 1: Apply the pastel pink eyeshadow as your base eyeshadow. Evenly distribute the eyeshadow on your eyelids.
Step 2: Once you have evenly distributed the the pastel pink eyeshadow. Apply the baby blue eyeshadow on to your inner corners of your eyes.

Step 3: After that use the dark blue eyeshadow and apply it on your lash line. This will accentuate your lashes and make your eyes appear more dramatic
The final result is bold and dramatic eyes with a hint of sweetness. A great colour combination to suit your outfit and style. This eyeshadow palette is versatile, play with the colours and look to find the perfect combination for you.
The semi-finals are just around the corner, so come on girls get that make-up kit out and start experimenting. Practice makes perfect, so get going! Be a winner at the Rimmel London look search and shine on the catwalk with your perfect look. Good luck!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Golden Eyes make-up tutorial

Hey girls! How has your week been so far? For today's eye make-up tutorial we will be showing you how to recreate the Golden Eye look using Rimmel London's eye make-up palette.

This unique colour combination uses warm hues such as brown, gold and blue to spice up your eyes and make you stand out from the crowd! A great way to to impress the judges during the semi-finals of the Rimmel London look search!

Step one: Using an eyeshadow brush, lightly apply the blue eyeshadow on to your eyelids. Adjust how much you want the colour coverage to be, apply more if you want your look to be more dramatic.
Step 2: Once you have applied the blue as your base, apply the brown on to your brow bone with a shading brush to create the depth for your eyes.
Step 3: After that, apply the golden eyeshadow onto your lid at the top of your brow bone. This will make your eyes appear larger and accentuate the shading that was done in step 2.
The final result is a show stopping look using a creative color combination. Remember girls, it's all about customization and practice! Make this look work for you by applying the eyeshadow with adjustment on which colour you want to exaggerate.
Good luck girls! Look your best with Rimmel London makeup during the Rimmel London look search.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dark Angel eye make-up tutorial

Hello ladies! We meet again! This week we will be teaching you how to recreate the "Dark Angel" look by using Rimmel London eyeshadow.

The wonderful colours in this eyeshadow palette complement one other and make for a wining combination. This is a great night look for eyes! Dramatic and bold, just what you need to capture the attention of the judges during the Rimmel London look search.

The semi-finals are just around the corner, so it's time to take that make-up kit out and practice!

Step 1: Remember to prep your eyelids by applying primer or concealer to allow the colours to stay / longer lasting. Use an eyeshadow brush and apply the black eyeshadow onto your eyelids. Start from the outer comer of your eyelids and slowly move inwards.

Step 2: Apply the purple eyeshadow on to your eyelids. Once you have applied the purple eyeshadow, use a blending brush to blend in the colours to avoid any harsh lines.
Step 3: Finally apply the silver eyeshadow to the inner comers of your eyes. This will make your eyes look much larger.

The final results are fantastic showstopping eye makeup that will make you the center of attention.

Experiment using this tutorial as a guideline and find a colour-combination that suits you and that allows you to shine during the semi-finals! Good luck girls!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kick Start of Rimmel London Look Search at Sungai Wang on May 16 (Part 2)

The objective of the talent show was for the contestants to impress the judges and crowd, with both their beauty and talent, so that they can score as high as possible to win in the pre-selection!

One of the contestants belted out a Chinese song with such gusto and control, you would have thought she was a professional singer.

Another contestant performed several magic tricks, which included pouring a glass of water into a magazine, and instead of soaking the magazine, the glass of water just vanished into the thin air!

Now as promised, pictures of the gorgeous and talented ladies performing.

Some danced....

Some performed magic tricks....

While mostly sang...

One or two event acted....

After the talent show, the contestants waited nervously for the results to be announced.

The audience were busy rooting for their favorite while the judges were hard at work.

Finally, the five girls who scored the highest points were invited back to the stage as the winner was announced.

These are the three female contestants who won in the KL pre-selection round, who are also our first 3 contestants for the Rimmel London Look Search! Congratulations to the three lovely ladies Angel (left), Collins and Pauline (right) for their preliminary success!

Pauline was the overall winner for this pre-selection round and was rewarded with RM500 cash and also prizes from Rimmel London and other sponsors!

A big congratulations to Pauline, Angel and Collins once again, and we shall see them at the semi-finals!

The next pre-selection round for the male contestants will be @ 6th Floor, Sungai Wang, on May 23 (Sunday!) Come and join us in the fun!

Kick-start of Rimmel London Look Search at Sungai Wang on May 16 (Part 1)

The air was buzzing with excitement as the crowd gathered in Sungai Wang for the pre-selection of 2010 Spotlite Teen Idol Competition, which also marked the official start of our Rimmel London Look Search. The twenty female participants looked amazing with the help of Rimmel London's professional make-up artist, Ling.

Family members and friends of the contestants were constantly cheering and supporting their loved ones throughout the competition! Some from the crowd even brought whistles, and blew them loudly when their favorite appeared on stage.

The crowd gave a roaring welcome to hosts, Kyan and Suki from radio station, OneFM as they gave the welcome on stage.

The contestants then started their catwalk on stage, and introduced themselves to the judges and the crowd. Everyone looked lovely and confident in their school-girl themed outfit.

Don't you think everyone looked gorgeous??!!!

Stay tuned for more exciting information on the pre-selection and the winner of the KL pre-selection! Pictures of these female contestants performing in the talent show will be coming your way in our next post!

Do you have a favourite?