Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rimmel London Look Search Semi Finalist #1 - Collins Tin Ye Shin

Hello ladies! Hope your weekend has been an exciting and colourful one, as what our semi-finalists (KL region) have while they experimented with the mix and match of Rimmel London products to create that winning Rimmel London look.

Even when the ladies were hard at work, they were very nice to speak to us and briefly shared on their experience participating in this search, as well as give us a sneak peak of their winning look.

First up today, we have Collins Tin Ye Shin, who has a sharp fashion sense, developed and nurtured through her main hobby - reading fashion and lifestyle magazines.

(RL - Rimmel London / CO - Collins)

RL: Morning Collins. May we know if you have a name for this make up look?
CO: The name of my look is called the 'Unique Look'.

RL: Where did you draw your inspiration for your make up?
CO: I drew my inspirations from my favourite fashion magazines for the latest trends, and also utilize the make-up techniques shown in the eye make-up tutorials on the Rimmel London website.

RL: What does being a Rimmel London girl mean to you?
CO: Personally, I feel that being a Rimmel London girl means you will need to have sharp facial features that are complementary, and give you an outstanding appearance.

RL: Could you please tell us, what would you tell the judges to convince them why you should be crowned in the Rimmel London Look Search?
CO: I think I should win in the search because I do have a high level of confidence, sharp facial features, and an outstanding appearance / look.

RL: Lastly, could you please share with us which is your favourite Rimmel London product?
CO: I totally loved the eye-shadow range of make-up as the colours are so fun to mix and match with, and they also have the sweet and sexy effects on my eyes.

There you go ladies and gentlemen, Collins, one of our KL Semi-finalists for the Rimmel London Look Search. If you'd like to support her in the Rimmel London look search, watch out for this space to find out how you can vote for her!!

In our next entry, we will be speaking to Pauline Ek. So stay tuned!~~~

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