Friday, June 18, 2010

Rimmel London Look Search Semi Finalist #2 - Pauline Ek

Good morning girls and boys!

As promised, here is our follow-up interview piece with our second contestant of the Rimmel London Look Search, Pauline Ek.

Pauline, a 21 years old student of Inti College has a very sweet face, and also a very extroverted and bubbly character, almost like a perfect mixed between the girl-next-door and the guy’s best friend!!

Too good to be true? Well check out what this hiking-lover, travel-junkie, dancing and singing enthusiast has to say about participating in the search, and also some photos of her competing look –

(RL – Rimmel London / PE – Pauline Ek)

RL - What is the name for your competing look?

PE – I name it “Mature Temptation

RL – What inspired you to create this look for the contest?

PE – I want to bring out the other side of me, a less prominent but existing personality in me. In normal everyday life, I would see myself as a plain Jane, or the girl-next-door, and therefore, through this search, I would like to showcase my wilder and more mature side. Hence, I have chosen a leopard top to complement my unique Rimmel London look make-up.

RL – What does being a Rimmel London girl mean to you?

PE - Rimmel London girl needs to have the confidence.

RL – Tell us, why do you think you should win in the “Rimmel London Look” Search?

PE - Because I’m special. I have different characteristics, I am sweet, cute, yet wild and mature. This is also further proven by what my friends say about me. So, I believe with my personalities, I will help create more awareness for Rimmel London.

RL – What are the Rimmel London products you have used to create your look, and why?

PE - I have chosen the Rimmel London's Stay Matte foundation, Blusher, Mascara, Eye-liner, eye shadow with black and grey colour, and the lipstick for my look.

As I know, the foundation is the natural Shine-Control Complex combine with natural materials which keeps my skin shine-free, flawlessly fresh and matte.

The blusher will give my skin a healthier shine, and the mascara can gel my natural and fake lashes together naturally.

Lastly, I apply a little bit of the red lipstick as a base and mixed some pink for a wilder natural effect.

Here is what Pauline has to say, and if you would like to know how you can support her to win in this Rimmel London Look Search, stay tuned to this blog page as we will unveil the mechanics / information very soon!

Have an awesome weekend ahead!

P/S: In our next article, we will be speaking to 16-year-old Angel Foong from SMK Taman Seraya.

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