Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Rimmel London make-up artist Ling

Ling, a professional make-up artist who has a short stunt in Fashion design and retailing before venturing into the make-up industry 5 years ago, has bagged many outstanding credentials under her belt, including working alongside famed fashion designers in MIFA, creative directors and models in various TV commercials, and editors of stylish fashion magazines just to name a few.

Today, she has taken time out from her colourful schedule to talk to us, lending her expertise in this exclusive interview conducted just for you girls, especially those competing in our Rimmel London Look Search!

Q: To you what is the Rimmel London Look?

A: The Rimmel London Look is edgy and fashionable. Rimmel London is an experimental and bold brand when it comes to the usage of different colours. For example, their eyeshadow pallets come with a variety of bold and daring colour combination, that can be blended and combined to achieve different looks.

Q:What do you think the judges will be looking for in the search?

A: I believe the judges will be focusing on the finer details, so it is important for each contestant to pay attention to both the make-up skills applied and the overall presentation of their look.

It will be a great bonus if they can also ensure that their outfit and make-up bonds well to showcase their unique personality. It is also equally important to identify the key feature you'd want to highlight. If a contestant wants to highlight their eyes, then it is recommended that nude colors are used for the lip and cheek.

As for the skin, less is definitely more. Use foundation sparingly and apply it as thinly as possible for a fresher and cleaner youthful effect.

Q: What is your favorite Rimmel London product?

A: For me, it's mascara. Rimmel London has a galaxy range of mascaras for different types of lashes and they all work wonders! They all have different brushes that will give the contestants different results. I always use two different mascaras to make lashes look long and full of volume.

Q: What are the key looks that are associated with the Rimmel London Search?

A: Since most of the competitors will be 16 to 22 years of age. It is important that the make-up matches with the competitors age group. When your younger you are able to experiment and take more risks! Show the judges your personality by using your face as a canvas to express yourself.

Q: What type of (eye / cheek) colours suit Asian skin?

A: An orange peachy blush generally looks good on the fairer asian skin tone. It is a great way to look fresher and make your cheeks pop. Competitors with fairer skin will look good with colder hues such as light blue, light pink and sliver. For darker skin tones, I would recommend warmer hues like brown, orange and gold.

Q: What are some of the make up trends this Summer?

A: There are always countless of new make-up trends being featured on the runways. However, what works for the models might not necessarily work for Asian skin. It is best to use make-up products that suit you and that highlight the competitors outstanding features. It is important for the contestants to work with what they have and use make-up products to accentuate them.

Q: Do you think make-up plays an important role in a woman's live?

A: Yes, i think it does! It is a great confidence booster! When used correctly, make-up can transform a person and it also helps hide that embarrassing spot during important occasions.

Q:What are some essential tools to use when applying make-up?

A: I cannot live without my eyelash curler! It is the most important tool in my make-up kit. It is also very important to apply your make-up under white light to see things more clearly.

Having a three-steps skin care routine is also equally important to keep the skin clean , which is a good canvas for applying make-up. Always remember to prep and prime your face before applying foundation. Contact lenses and lashes also help make Asian eyes to appear much larger.


Now there you have it girls, these precious and useful make up tips and tricks brought to you exclusively by Rimmel London. Hope this will help you perform your best in the Rimmel London search!

So go on girls, time to take out that Rimmel London make-up kit and experiment! Remember it is all about having fun! Good Luck!


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