Thursday, May 27, 2010

Golden Eyes make-up tutorial

Hey girls! How has your week been so far? For today's eye make-up tutorial we will be showing you how to recreate the Golden Eye look using Rimmel London's eye make-up palette.

This unique colour combination uses warm hues such as brown, gold and blue to spice up your eyes and make you stand out from the crowd! A great way to to impress the judges during the semi-finals of the Rimmel London look search!

Step one: Using an eyeshadow brush, lightly apply the blue eyeshadow on to your eyelids. Adjust how much you want the colour coverage to be, apply more if you want your look to be more dramatic.
Step 2: Once you have applied the blue as your base, apply the brown on to your brow bone with a shading brush to create the depth for your eyes.
Step 3: After that, apply the golden eyeshadow onto your lid at the top of your brow bone. This will make your eyes appear larger and accentuate the shading that was done in step 2.
The final result is a show stopping look using a creative color combination. Remember girls, it's all about customization and practice! Make this look work for you by applying the eyeshadow with adjustment on which colour you want to exaggerate.
Good luck girls! Look your best with Rimmel London makeup during the Rimmel London look search.

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