Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kick-start of Rimmel London Look Search at Sungai Wang on May 16 (Part 1)

The air was buzzing with excitement as the crowd gathered in Sungai Wang for the pre-selection of 2010 Spotlite Teen Idol Competition, which also marked the official start of our Rimmel London Look Search. The twenty female participants looked amazing with the help of Rimmel London's professional make-up artist, Ling.

Family members and friends of the contestants were constantly cheering and supporting their loved ones throughout the competition! Some from the crowd even brought whistles, and blew them loudly when their favorite appeared on stage.

The crowd gave a roaring welcome to hosts, Kyan and Suki from radio station, OneFM as they gave the welcome on stage.

The contestants then started their catwalk on stage, and introduced themselves to the judges and the crowd. Everyone looked lovely and confident in their school-girl themed outfit.

Don't you think everyone looked gorgeous??!!!

Stay tuned for more exciting information on the pre-selection and the winner of the KL pre-selection! Pictures of these female contestants performing in the talent show will be coming your way in our next post!

Do you have a favourite?

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