Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finalist #1 - Renie Wong

Renie Wong, 22 year old lass from Ipoh, is crowned the Miss Photogenic at the semi-final of Spotlite Teen Idol Search 2010. At the semi-final, she literally charmed the judges with her great warm smile, personality and also her sense of fashion!

Let us look at her contesting Rimmel London Look as well as her introduction:

嗨,大家好。我是Renie Wong黄永欣。今年22岁,来自怡保。目前在UTARDegree of Marketing

(Hi everyone, I am Renie Wong. I am 22 years old, from Ipoh. Currently, I am studying my degree in Marketing in UTAR Perak)

非常开心能够进入Spotlite Teen Idol 决赛。当然也要借此机会对我的家人和朋友们的支持说声谢谢。尤其是那些在Spotlite Teen Idol 投我照片一票的你们。没有你们的支持,我不可能从翻身赛中成为其中一位能脱颖而出,进入半决赛的幸运儿。谢谢你们!

(I am very excited to be in the Final of Spotlite Teen Idol Competition, and I would take this opportunity to thank my family and friends who have giving me a lot of support throughout. I would also like to give special thanks to all of you who have voted for me in the competition, as I will not be where I am if not for your support. Thank you very much!)

这里,我想和大家分享Rimmel 的化妆品。我第一次接触这牌子的化妆品是当我参加怡保区初赛选拔赛的时候,化妆师用了这个牌子帮我化妆,出来的效果实在太好了!!

它不但容易上妆,最重要的是它能持久。尤其是它的眼影,采用烟熏妆的效果,能让我的眼睛看起来更大和更有神。谢谢Spotlite Teen Idol 让我认识了这个牌子 !

(At the same time, I would like to share my "Rimmel London" experience with you. My first encounter with Rimmel London products was when I was competiting in the preliminary round of Spotlite Teen Idol competition in Ipoh, where the make-up artist used Rimmel cosmetics to do my make-up. The end-result was awesomely amazing!

Not only was it easy to apply, the effects were long lasting too! In particular, its eye-make up range is very suitable for the use of creating the smoky eyes effect, which has brought a refreshing touch to my eyes. Thank you Spotlite Teen Idol for introducing me to Rimmel London.)

If you would like to support Renie in getting crowned for having the most unique "Rimmel London Look", please log over to Spotlite Website to vote for her!

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