Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finalist #7 - Tan Suat Fen

Tan Suat Fen, also known as Chanice, is 18 years old and currently studying at Intel-Excel College. This sweet faced girl has great confidence and at the Spotlite Teen Idol semi-finals, Chanice impressed the judges with her dance martial arts and sexy belly dancing moves!

Now, let's take a look at her contesting Rimmel London Look and introduction:
我是Chanice 雪芬
我的Rimmel London look是偏淡的
大方得体 又不缺妩 媚
试了蛮多次才成功画出这个Rimmel London look
希望大家会喜欢我的 Rimmel London look

If you like Suat Fen and think that she should be the winner of the Rimmel London Look search, log on to the Spotlite website to vote for her now!

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