Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finalist #3 - Ong Sheue Yen

Here is an interesting lass who is from Penang, our 18 year old Ong Sheue Yen. She is a down-to-earth girl who believes in natural beauty. But don't be fooled, she is not just a pretty face; at the semi-finals of Spotlite Teen Idol, this energetic girl impressed the judges with her kung fu moves!

Sheue Yen demonstrated how beauty and strength can be complementary.

Now, let us take a look at Sheue Yen's introduction, as well as her contesting Rimmel London Look:

You would think that with her effortless make-up look, she must have been doing this for years but really she only just began experimenting recently. Sheue Yen didn't use to like make-up, mainly because 1) she often feels a little lazy about it and 2) she believes in natural beauty.

But that has changed since discovering Rimmel London eyeshadows and make-up. She was attracted by their unique and vibrant colour palettes and so she began to wonder what it would be like to use these pretty colours on herself.

From there Sheue Yen realized it was easy to get pretty in a flash. She has since adopted a simple 3 steps routine that includes a quick application of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Despite only knowing the basics, she manages to pull off a simple yet fun look.

Here is her original introduction, in Mandarin:




但我看到Rimmel Londoneye shadow时,我有种被那颜色给吸引了。就想知道那颜色在眼皮上会是什么感觉?




我化妆其实很简单。先是eye linereye shadow然后就刷个睫毛膏就行啦!因为我不算是会化妆的女生。

我最不会的是怎么去放eye shadow。因为我总觉得眼皮上有颜色是怪怪的,尤其是烟熏妆。当我用上了Rimmel Londondeye shadow,我觉得那颜色很自然,一点都不会觉得奇怪!它让我的眼睛变得更亮丽了!=

我最在意的眼睫毛。因为我本身的眼睫毛也蛮浓密的,所以我不曾自己用过假睫毛。我也不会用 >.< 我喜欢把睫毛刷的长长的,Rimmel Londonwaterproof mascara把我的睫毛一根一根仔细的刷了一遍。长长又浓密的眼睫毛出现啦!



So if you like Sheue Yen and think this outgoing jeans and t-shirt girl-next-door should be the winner of the Rimmel London Look Search, log on to the Spotlite Website and vote for her now!!!

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